Resale Policy

At Professional Complementary Health Formulas (or Professional Formulas), we believe that natural medicines are most effective when used under the guidance of a trained practitioner whose education, knowledge, and experience are invaluable in addressing patient needs. Accordingly, our products are only available to patients through healthcare practitioners who purchase the products directly from us. As a result of our steadfast commitment to practitioners and their essential role in the proper use of our products, Professional Formulas does not sell products directly to patients.

We expect practitioners to utilize our products only in the context of an appropriate practitioner/patient relationship. Unrestricted sales of Professional Formulas products in a retail setting or over the internet does not afford patients the protection or the benefits we expect practitioners to provide.

Professional Formulas recognizes the increasing use of online communication between practitioners and their patients. In order to accommodate this while protecting the interests of practitioners and patients, Professional Formulas only permits internet sales by practitioners as described herein.

Practitioners who desire to provide their patients with online ordering/re-ordering of Professional Formulas products may do so with a private patient code and/or password (collectively, “code”), the purpose of which is to allow each patient to purchase online in the same manner he/she would in the practitioner’s office. A code may only be given to patients who have established and maintained an appropriate healthcare relationship with the practitioner. A code may not be visible on the website or other marketing materials, or otherwise made available in any way to anyone other than the practitioner’s current patients.

All information related to Professional Formulas products (with certain limited exceptions) and their prices must be visible only to those patients who have obtained a code as described above.

Practitioners may resell Professional Formulas products online on a proprietary website that is owned or controlled by the practitioner. Professional Formulas products may not be advertised or sold on third-party websites (i.e. Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, etc.) Professional Formulas products may not be offered as part of an Affiliate Marketing Program.

Practitioners may not claim or suggest that Professional Formulas products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Professional Formulas reserves the right to review any practitioner’s website or other product-related materials at any time and may require the practitioner to make changes in order to comply with applicable FDA or FTC regulations, any other applicable laws or regulations, or Professional Formulas policies.

Images of Professional Formulas trademarks and/or pictures of containers bearing Professional Formulas labels may only be used with our written permission. Professional Formulas trademarks and labels may not be affixed to anything except a Professional Formulas product. Practitioners agree to use the symbols ™ and ® as appropriate to indicate Professional Formulas ownership of its trademarked names or products. Use of a Professional Formulas trademark does not grant a practitioner any ownership, right, title, or interest in the trademark.

Pharmacies and medical clinics are allowed to sell Professional Formulas products in a physical retail-like setting provided that products are kept behind the counter or in a designated professional only area and/or are sold in conjunction with consultation by a healthcare professional.

Professional Formulas reserves the right not to sell its products to any practitioner who violates this resale policy or is affiliated with a website that violates this policy. Repeated violations may result in immediate cancellation of a practitioner’s account with Professional Formulas.