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Company Values: Why We Are Privately Owned

Company Values:
Why We Are Privately Owned

By Mike Grubb, President & CEO

Professional Formulas was founded in 1984, so 2024 marks our 40-year anniversary.

We share a similar heritage as several other prominent professional brands that were also started in the mid-1980s. But most of those companies have been purchased by Private Equity firms or become part of large conglomerates. So I’m often asked,

"Why is Professional Formulas still privately held?"

In some ways, the answer is simple. In other ways, the answer is deeply rooted in my personal values, goals, and beliefs about whole health. So as I share some details about why we’ve remained independent, I’m also giving you a deeper understanding of who I am and why I’m on this journey with you.

I joined Professional Formulas in 2006 and became the President in 2009. A lot has changed in the last 20 years, but one of the most significant shifts is the consolidation of professional brands. Consolidation isn’t necessarily bad, but it means many of the products you know are ultimately controlled by financial investors who prioritize profits over patients.

By contrast, as a privately-held company, we aren’t beholden to any outside investors, and we’re free to make decisions that reflect our passion for supporting you and your practice. Here are some of those decisions – and why we made them.

  • Our goal is to keep products affordable for your patients – rather than maximizing profits. So we work to control our costs and minimize price increases while delivering exceptionally high-quality products. That approach makes our jobs harder, but it’s worth it if we can help you improve more people’s lives.

  • We strive to provide support that is second to none. That’s why we employ real people, located right here, with decades of experience to answer your phone calls and online chats. There are more cost-effective ways of providing customer support, but we never want to frustrate you with chatbots and automated phone systems.

  • We love our best-selling products and the essentials that everyone needs, but we also recognize that no two patients are the same, and you sometimes need specialized tools. So while other companies cut 10-20% of their slowest-moving products every year, we spend extra to keep them in stock whenever possible because we know they’re valuable when you need them.

  • Like you, I don’t view this as just a job; it’s my calling in life. So we’re single-mindedly committed to this work and passionate about improving the health of our communities – and we believe there is no better path to that goal than to partner with you. You are the hero in every patient’s health journey, and we’re honored to support your work.

Finally, we hold fast to these principles because I believe you, our most valuable partners, care about them. If that’s true, and our values resonate with you, I’d love to discuss how we can become a more significant part of your practice.

If that is the case, just reply to my email – or talk with one of our real-life customer service representatives on the phone or via our online chat.

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