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This Month's Benefit

This month we’re giving a portion of all sales to an organization that creates jobs – mostly for women – in vulnerable communities around the world. That means your product purchases are not only helping your patients (and you!), but they are also helping create dignified work in 15 countries!

We love this program because it’s an innovative, responsible, and sustainable way to support workers and families in developing countries. You can make a big difference, and you don’t have to do anything – other than purchase products!

We’re acknowledging the superstars who are having the biggest impact.

Maybe you are one of them?

1. Sheulee A.
2. Lori D.
3. Janalee S.
4. Greg S.
5. Karen P.
6. Doris D.
7. Robert P.
8. Roberto A.
9. Tom L.
10. Dixie H.
11. Diane P.
12. Paula B.

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